Tuesday, February 28, 2012

They can't all be superwoman runs!

Run/Workout: 5 miles incl 16th street hill
Location: Astoria Riverwalk-East Side
Run Time (if applicable): 43:15: 8:38 splits
Run Start: Noon
Temperature: 39 degrees
Weather: cloudy and cold


I rolled out my legs last night, my shins particularly, which was agony. But, I woke up and my shins felt much, much better! I did the low-squat test and even that panned out well. So I decided to give today's 5-miler a try.

Today's run kind of sucked to be honest. My legs felt heavy and stiff even after a warm-up. I figured they would relax and things would feel good around mile 2 at least, but they didn't. The whole time I felt like I was trudging along, just dragging my body. Sixteenth street hill has never felt harder. I had to walk parts of it and even that felt like hell on my legs. At least I finished fairly strong, still with 8:38 splits somehow. It's funny how even when I feel really slow, my body has a certain comfortable cadence that it tends to keep.

I'm not sure what to do about my shins. It doesn't feel like normal shin splits. It feels like something is tearing a little bit. Not just sore, but tearing. I'm sure they are in the same injury family, so I am just going to do my best with icing and rolling and see if that helps. And I'm pretty sure my husband has compression socks that I am going to steal for my next run. I believe that if I can use compression socks, it will eliminate the swelling in my calves that is causing the shin trouble. Tomorrow is 3 miles and I think I will do it on the elliptical again just to be safe.

Better to be safe than sorry. The fastest path to injury is ignoring the signs and overdoing it. As for Friday's 10-miler, I will play that by ear as well. If I am feeling good I'll get out and do it, but very carefully, taking walking breaks, etc.

What I am excited about is that tomorrow is the last day of February which means a mileage check! Yay!! I will post it right after tomorrow's workout!

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