Monday, February 6, 2012

4.52 Miles Monday

Run: 4.52 miles
Location: Irving Street, rolling hills route
Time (if applicable): 37.24, 8:15 splits
Time: 8:30 am
Temperature: 54 degrees
Weather: Absolutely gorgeous weather!


One of the things I love about the Nike + app is that it gives me a more exact measurement of how long/far I am running. Apparently my route that I had drawn out as 4 miles is actually 4.5 miles. I also understand that the Nike + tracks all of your run, so even the times you switch from one side of the road to the other, or your turn-around points. It's cool! It will make adding up mileage a bit of a pain, because I wanted to avoid decimals originally! But let's not be lazy...

Run went great! I feel so awesome, like I've reached that point of being a confident runner again. Six weeks is how long it has taken me, six consistent weeks. I have only missed 2 planned runs on the weekends. I have come to realize that weekends probably won't be running times for me regularly. I have too many family events going on. It's funny though, I really miss it on the weekend! Sunday it took everything in me not to lace up and head out for an "easy 3". But instead I spent hours washing and vacuuming my car out. A different form of exercise.

I'm loving my LunarGlides, they are turning out to be a great purchase. My calves and shins take turns burning pretty good for the first 20 minutes. I swear it is like soon as I feel the burning subside, I check my phone and yep, 20 minutes has gone by. So I have been considering trying out some compression socks if it doesn't get better soon. Those first 20 minutes sure are mental!

The weather is absolutely gorgeous today. I ran in capris and a t-shirt! At first I was a bit chilly, especially since the route was pretty shaded. But as the sun bathed more and more of the roads and hillsides, and my body worked, I warmed up and all was well. I enjoyed the freedom to wear a little less. Coats and longer pants do start to feel a bit heavy.

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