Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday...Must. Have. Workout

Mondays stink. Especially after a long restless weekend. But the glorious fact is that around 8:30 I get to go work out. Not "I have to" but "I get to."

Run: 30 minutes elliptical (credit 3 miles) + weights
Location: CCC weight room
Run Time (if applicable): 30 minutes
Run Start: 8:20 am
Temperature: N/A
Weather: N/A but it was cooooold outside today


This morning was one of those mornings. I forgot my armband and headphones to start with. So I figured instead of trying to map my run distance I could just run for 30 minutes and give myself credit at a 10:00 minute mile pace. (Easy math) But during warm-ups I noticed my left shin in particular having a weird twinge. I have been feeling it all weekend, especially when I walk down the stairs or squat really deeply. It might not be my shin, it might be my soleus, but either way I decided the best choice for me today was to get a good sweat going on the (low-impact) elliptical, then hit the weights. 

Have I mentioned how deathly afraid of injury I am?? I have had to deal with injuries before and it is not fun! So every little thing I can do to prevent them you better believe I am doing. This is precisely why I chose the elliptical today, and why I might start choosing it once a week or so to replace my 3-mile run. It is still just as challenging the way that I do it and works most of the same muscles, but without the impact of running. So...we'll see how that goes! At least the option is there for when I need it. 

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