Monday, February 20, 2012

Tweaking my neck and my schedule

I am writing this little post because it encourages me when I can write out what is coming up so I don't get stir-crazy waiting for my next scheduled run. I have taken a few days off for a few reasons...and honestly I can't stand taking days and days off!

Friday I ended up skipping my 3-miler thanks to some problems with DH's schedule and adjustments needed in our weekend plans (I'll skip the long, boring explanation). Then this weekend I tweaked my already-tweaked neck/shoulders. So...I have taken the long weekend off. The hero in me says, "Just power through! Just get a couple of miles in!" and the mother in me says, "No...take care of your body or it will hate you!"

It is so hard to take breaks if you are injured in any way, shape or form, especially once you have found a nice groove in your training. Technically my "injury" is in no way running-related and won't sideline me for long. I just don't want it to get worse before it starts getting better (which has been the case).

I have been putting off getting chiropractic adjustments into my schedule. I have no excuse except I have just been procrastinating. *tisk tisk*  I am calling and getting that ball rolling Tuesday.

I am now officially following a marathon training plan. I noticed in the last couple of weeks I was only averaging 2-3 runs a week. Given that they were between 5-7 miles helped keep my mileage up but that still didn't seem like enough. As I apply my new training plan, I know I will be able to get out for runs more often.

We purchased a new travel trailer last weekend and went to pick it up this weekend. It has been a lot of work/time initially but we're so excited and know it is going to be such a great help for all of our adventures! We love getting out and love camping, but we found the first year we lived here that purely tent camping was just too exhausting with the kids. Everyone was always dirty, tired and miserable. There were a few times we got stuck in the rain, and once in a sand-storm! No fun. We will still bring our tents, but overall, it will be great to have the convenience of our trailer. We can go further with confidence knowing we have a comfortable place to recharge each night...and we can take it to race destinations and stay overnight the day before.

That all being said, my next planned run is on Tuesday afternoon. See you then!

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