Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Taking a Few Rest Days

I have decided to take a few days off to rest. My left lower leg is just not doing great. I can't tell if it is shin splits, but it feels different than shin splits which makes me nervous. Although I have been taking ibuprofen, icing, rolling, it is still not feeling all that great. Normal walking isn't bad, but stairs are tough and certain movements hurt. So in the interest of staying healthy, I am going to take it easy through the rest of the week. Today and tomorrow no runs, then I will reassess on Friday, when I will most likely hit the elliptical for a few "miles". Next week I have a doctor's appointment and even if I am feeling a ton better I will probably see if I can get an x-ray to rule out a stress fracture. Like I have said, better to be safe than sorry!

So happy resting!! :)

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