Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Taking Care of Oneself

"In order to best take care of others, you must first take care of yourself"...a friend of mine once told me this when I was in the thick of raising very little ones as an exclusive stay-at-home-mom, spit-up on my shoulder and kids learning to wipe themselves after going potty. I have never forgotten this.

Sometimes "taking care of oneself" simply means sleeping in for an extra half hour, or finally shaving my legs or buffing my fingernails. Sometimes it is more about taking the time to make a giant salad so that we have it to draw from over the busy workweek. Sometimes it means taking a half an hour to walk my little dog on the beach, stopping to smell the ocean air along the way. It always means going for my runs. I guess that is why running has always "stuck" for me. It is that one thing I never stray far from, because when I run, I am taking care of myself. I feel better, perform better and improve my health.

Lately I haven't been taking care of myself. None of my classmates have either so I'm not alone. It is just a super stressful and busy season where there is more to do and learn than there is time to do it. Sometimes that level of busy-ness can be good because it makes the time pass more swiftly, but usually I loathe it because it means I have less time for everything besides school. After school comes time with my husband and my kids and their activities, then housework like laundry that is essential. After that (or somewhere mixed in) is running and trying to eat well. Way down the list would be anything extra to spruce myself up. Lately I was lucky if I got a shower at all.

It's funny how our priorities end up like that every time. It is good, don't get me wrong, to always keep certain things top of the list. The loved ones in our lives are important and worth our time, and especially the kids, they grow up so fast. It is a challenge not to miss things before they are gone. And don't discount your spouse. Your marriage relationship is one that is meant for life and needs to be nurtured all along the way too

I don't really know where I was going with this blog post except to say that this week I have finally been taking measures to take care of myself, which made me realize how little I had been taking care of myself! I got a haircut (well that was last week). I got a little bit of new makeup. Bought some new running shoes. Yesterday after class I went to Ross to see if I couldn't find something unique (post-final exam retail therapy).  Today I booked a heavenly facial for Thursday and I cannot express how much I am looking forward to it! I have actually never gotten a facial because I've always been so weird about letting people touch my face. But now that my acne is pretty much gone (finally!!) I'm hoping to continue to bring my skin back to health. I have been trying to consciously make healthier food choices and I have been faithfully doing strength moves every day to help tone up. You've gotta be proactive (even when you have so little time)!

You know, it's amazing how things like these have made me feel like a new woman...one who is a bit more ready to take on the world...or just my own household. :)

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