Thursday, March 21, 2013

10K Total Suckfest

Today was a horrible 6-miler. Yep I'm not gonna mince words, it sucked pretty bad. I blame it on last nights moscato (which I didn't even like) and salty popcorn. I was not properly hydrated and I felt it! My legs had no energy! I ended up walking more than I like, but that's ok.

It was so cold today too, and I was not looking forward to getting out in it to run. At one point I literally had to say, "Oh quit being a baby and just go." And that is what I did! I didn't give myself one more chance to talk myself out of going.

Style/Workout: 10K Tempo Run 
Setting/Route: Prom and The Cove hill and back
Mileage: 6.2 Miles/ 58.40/ 9.26 averages
Progress: (running mileage): 6.2 today/39.77 this month/ 169.69 year-to-date
(For March I'm aiming for...70 miles)

The good:

- I finished (I didn't quit!)
- My hair felt great, I'm loving the shorter length
- The rain held off until I was done running (SO THANKFUL for that...the rain is freezing!)
- Miles 4, 5, and 6 were negative splits
- 6.2 miles to add to my log!

- Not running related, but I'm done with finals! Winter term-check! I am freed up to do more running this week which is going to be so nice :)
- Planning ahead, I booked an hour-long massage for the day after I run the marathon :)

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