Saturday, March 9, 2013

My Longest and Farthest Run of All Time

Style/Workout: LONG run  
Setting/Route: A few out-and-backs on my normal route
Mileage: 14.5 Miles
Progress: (running mileage): 14.5 today/24.12 this month/ 154.04 year-to-date
(For March I'm aiming for...70 miles)

It's amazing how a 14.5 miler can add to my monthly/yearly totals!

Today's run was a real challenge. It was the longest I have ran-EVER! It went pretty well but I guess not as well as I had hoped. Here are the cliff notes:

My first half I spent on Wahana Rd. It is a portion of my regular long run loop that today I did an out-and-back on so that I could have a break in my run at my house. I had stashed some fruit and extra water on my back porch. I blew it and didn't bring my water with me initially and underestimated my first leg. I had made it to about 7 miles before I had sipped any water. That is a no-no. Well I recovered pretty well and had some water, fruit and Sport Beans. And let me say, I thought that maybe the mandarins and grapes that I had prepped might give me a stomach ache but they went down easily. It was like my body burned them up! The whole rest of the run I munched on them every half a mile or so, along with the water. The last half was an out-and-back on the Prom and the Cove where I run the first half of my longer loops. I added Holladay to the end, just to try to get to 15 miles. Around mile 10 I was still feeling pretty good, but I was starting to feel the fatigue. From there on it got harder and harder. At the half marathon mark I still had my whits about me but for the last 1.5 miles I could barely lift my feet! I just kept telling myself not to worry about time, just to keep running (good thing too, because my paces were awful!). I took a few walk breaks. I kept a positive attitude. The sun was shining!

I knew this was going to be a tough run. Any new distance is going to be a challenge. I am a bit behind on my training plan so last night I sat down with my calendar and adjusted a few things so that I could catch up within 2 weeks or so. Today I was expected to do 14, I was aiming for 15, and I fell right smack dab in the middle. I am pleased :) I just hope my body recovers well and it adjusts to these longer distances. Otherwise, this training process is going to be pure torture and you'd better bet that this will be the only full marathon I ever run.

One thing I did learn was related to ice (water) baths. Ever since I hit 12 miles or so I have been braving the chilly water to sit for a few minutes right after my runs to soothe my tired, worked muscles. I have a condition called Raynaud's Syndrome, which causes some mysterious variations with peripheral circulation Experts don't really know what causes just causes a heightened, irregular response to cold at the extremities. Today as soon as I hit the cold water (and my top half was all bundled as usual) I started shivering more than usual, and I had wrapped my arms in front of me tightly to alleviate some of it. When I looked at my hands though, my fingers were deathly white and my palms were purple. Um...not good. So I got out of the bath and took a hot shower instead and my normal circulation returned. Anything related to circulation I am very careful with. I guess ice baths probably aren't my thing.I can always use ice packs throughout the day in various spots.

One thing I kept thinking while running today was how nuts I was to be out there running for as long as I was...2 hours, 22 minutes and 56 seconds worth of running! It kind of felt psycho! Well, I'll be doing it next week too :)

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