Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snapping Out of it! (In More Ways Than One)

Today was a good day! And I am happy to say I have snapped out of my 8-day slump I have been in. Man I hate those! Today I finally had a day off, finally didn't have anything pulling me away from my planned run. FINALLY!!! Sheesh! If it hasn't been one thing lately, it's been another. So you can't even imagine how GOOD it felt out there today! And it was raining but I didn't even notice it ;)

Style/Workout: Tempo Run
Setting/Route: Prom to the top of Sunset Cove hill and back
Mileage: 6.2 miles (10K)
Progress: (running mileage): 6.2 today/6.2 this month/ 136.12 year-to-date
(Yay for a new month! That means new goals! So for March I'm aiming for...70 miles! Too bad I got a late start, but I'm still going to aim high!)

53:57, my best 10K time this year...and negative splits! Woop!
So here's the story...after getting the kids off to school (thank the Lord!) I grabbed a quick bite (1 hard-boiled egg, white only, a few bites of steel-cut oatmeal and a banana + water) and changed, I picked up and got my whits about me while I let my food settle. I threw my hair into a ponytail (less hair by the way...I went from a horse's tail to a cute little bob tail...more on that story maybe later. Let's just say it felt awesome!). Then that was it, I couldn't wait, I was off!

My first mile was a bit quick as usual but I did great keeping with negative splits for the remaining miles. Between miles 2-3 I passed this 50-something Hispanic man who I see out running often. There area always smiles and pleasantries between us...kindred running spirits. I was so glad to keep a steady pace, even going up the big hill. When I got to the top, there he was! He was gaining on me and flying up the hill! So somewhere between 3-4 miles he even passed me! I was totally ok with it, I was so impressed! He waved and such. Then for the remaining miles, I kept up with him and really pushed it. It felt so good to just leave it all on the course :) And as he turned back and passed me, he smiled and waved again and I told him "Good Job!!" It was fun.

When I got to my finish, I jogged a bit then stopped to stretch. Just then, Francesca Battistelli came on with 'Strangely Dim', my favorite song right now. As I soaked in the lyrics:

"I'm gonna fix my eyes
on all that You are
til every doubt I feel
deep in my heart
goes strangely dim...
Let all my worries fade
and fall to the ground,
'cause when I seek Your face
and don't look around,
any place I'm in...
goes strangely dim..."

I'm not gonna lie, I started sobbing...right then and there...on Necanicum Dr in front of my house. And I put the song on repeat and just let myself cry and cry. Apparently I have been carrying a heavy load, and it felt so great to just give it back to God. After all, I truly could not do all of this (marriage, motherhood, nursing school, family, friendships, running, LIFE) without Him.

So I snapped out of it in more ways than one :)

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