Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Lovely 3-Mile Jog

Style/Workout: Easy 3-Miler
Setting/Route: Out and back on the Prom
Mileage: 3.42 Miles
Progress: (running mileage): 3.42 today/9.62 this month/ 139.54 year-to-date
(For March I'm aiming for...70 miles)

Today was so beautiful and somewhat warm! The sun was out, bright and shining and if I haven't said it before, where I live is the most gorgeous place when it is sunny. I had clinicals today but the day went really smoothly, and wasn't too hectic. I enjoyed my sunny drive home and I immediately got changed and went for a run. Actually that is not true...I almost talked myself out of it and I even changed from my scrubs into jeans and such. But something in me said, "Don't waste this awesome day!" and I threw on my running clothes and before I could miss out, I went for my run. I took it slow and just enjoyed it. After all this run wasn't on my schedule and there was no particular goal for it...just to enjoy the sunshine by doing something I love.

Gorgeous views!

I have run this route too many times to count. I am very thankful!

Besides enjoying the day, the run was really beneficial because my hamstrings and calves were pretty sore from yesterdays hard run. My legs felt pretty heavy but I just considered today a "shake it out" day and I might try to do these runs more often. I have found in the past that they really help alleviate the soreness.

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