Monday, March 18, 2013

Little Low on Run Days

I have had a super busy week and still have 3 final exams left this week so I haven't ran in a week. I am not going to freak out and get all panicky because my training isn't going the way I planned it (again). I'm just going to get through these exams and then enjoy all of the running I will get to do the last part of this week and into next week (spring break!). The thing is that today I will take my exam, then spend hours studying for tomorrow's exam, then after that one spend hours studying for Wednesday's exam. There's no getting around that really. I'd be an idiot not to do that, at least just to seal the deal that I'm passing my classes this term. Nursing school is no joke! And I promised myself something good after my last exam...I haven't decided yet. I'm thinking I will finally get a facial!

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