Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A challenging POTD & Night Inversion Love

Tonight was some "yoga in real life". Not the airbrushed, sugar-coated yoga that is out there. This was real yoga! It was the raw-can't-quite-get-it-right-but-giving-it-my-best yoga :)
Today's POTD was eight-angle pose and I knew going into it that I might not be able to do it. I found a tutorial on YouTube so I could make sure to go into the pose correctly. Turns out it starts out with Elephant's Trunk Pose, which I have wanted to try as well.
When I have seen this pose, I guess I thought that the knee was literally wrapped over the shoulder but that is not necessary. And here I managed to hold it a bit! I will keep working on this one to build arm and core strength for other poses.
Elephant's Trunk L Eka Hasta Bhujasana

When I was setting up for full eight angle pose

Try, try again!
I didn't quite get eight angle pose. I still need to get fully off the ground and get my legs nice and straight but I was pleased with what I can do for now! It was more than I thought.
Eight Angle Pose L (heel anchor) Astavakrasana

Eight Angle Pose R
 And I did some inversions just because :)
I started with a good ol' headstand but I couldn't get a descent picture

This takes a ton of core stabilization and is harder than it looks!

Eventually I will get this into a fully inverted split!

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