Monday, March 16, 2015

Yoga, St. Patty's Day Eve

Yoga, yoga, yoga. I am so thankful to have found yoga in my life. It is something that fits into my crazy schedule no matter how much I have going on. Tonight my yoga was slipped in after the kids went to bed. Running is awesome, but I can't run after dinner, have to have enough time in the morning to shower afterward (which my patients would thank me for). So I have a few runs scheduled this week but yoga doesn't even have to be scheduled. I just squeeze it in and follow my body's cues. It is always the best way to wind down.

Everyone has challenging areas of the body that they have to be persistent with stretching. My areas are my hamstrings, hips and shoulders.

(Can you tell this is my favorite tank lately? It has a really cute twisted back. Maybe I should have been wearing green...?)
Pyramid L, Parsvottonasana

Pyramid R

Bow Pose

Crescent Moon Pose-I was surprised when I saw the picture...I can bend back pretty far!
Still working on grasshopper. My baby grasshopper is looking really great these days but I have a ways to go before I grow into the grown-up version. For tonight I took some time stretching my hips and strengthening through each foot.

Reclined Hero Pose, Supta Virasana. I can bring my body flat, but I was enjoying this stretch too much!

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