Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Just the Latest

I'm not doing too shabby in the working out department. I'm still busy as ever, but I tossed the Hal Higdon training plan (no offense, but I need a personalized plan), and I made out one of my own that includes running, rest, yoga and cross training (preferably hiking).

I ran 6 on Monday that wasn't my fastest, but wasn't too bad either. My legs paid for it for 2 days. I don't know why I get so sore after runs. I assume it is because I just need to run more often. I've gotten some yoga in and I purchased a Groupon for a studio near where I work in Pacific Beach. I'm really looking forward to taking some studio classes!

I asked my husband to take a few yoga poses and this is where he started.

Half Moon Pose-I love this arm placement, much more natural to me than down the L leg

Getting bendier! And learning to trust my body.

And forward fold to end the mini-sesh
Beautiful spring day for running

Going al naturale
Some chair pose love Utkatasana

After a great track workout/yoga session


  1. We did a modified chair pose (one leg lifted) in our Boot class this morning. Yowza!

    1. Nice work! That is a thigh burner for sure!