Monday, September 30, 2013

Tweaked Back

Somehow over the weekend I tweaked my back. It is literally the injury I am afraid of most. Maybe it is the field of nursing that I am going to with its high incidence of back injuries or maybe it is the agony of past experience by I take special care of my back.

Well somewhere along my husband and I's 22-mile bike ride Saturday I think I hit a pothole or something and took the impact the wrong way. I noticed a slight soreness develop then somewhere at 12 miles I really started to notice. The rest of the day it was evident that some sort of trauma definitely occurred.

So I have been down for 2 days now with a hot pad and ibuprofen *trying* to take it easy. I am not good at taking it easy. I just came off a week's worth of coughing and phlem and I may have stayed in bed one day. Taking care of a household makes it hard to let go of the reigns.

But I'm going to try, for the sake of getting back on my feet sooner. I will not lift anything heavier than 5-10 pounds or twisting. I will ask for help. I will go slow and be careful. I will be patient with myself.

In the meantime I can focus on other muscle groups and areas of health (like diet!)

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