Thursday, September 26, 2013

5K A-OK!

Style/Workout: 5K
Setting/Route: Fast, flat loops
Progress: (running mileage):  3.11 today/
26.3 this month/ 357.65 year-to-date

Ok maybe a lame title, but I was glad to be back running after being sick for a week. What a pain! Third week of my kids back in school and I get sick. Did any of them get sick? Nope!  Just Mom! Such is the life of a mom and wife as they say :) Well today has been great. The weather has been a little cooler lately, dipping into the 60s in the evenings and slightly lower at night. Today I woke up to clouds which were welcomed because it was nice and cool, with a cool breeze. So I took off, did some running then took some time to stretch and do some strength training moves. 

Today I need to make some real measurable goals. Then I need to get some tangible plans for my goals. 

1) Run the Runway 5K October 5
2) Run the Silver Strand Half Marathon November 17th. 

I have no time goals for these runs, I just want to participate and finish! 

1) Register for races (budget them in)
 2) Follow a training plan (I found an easy no-brainer one in Competitor magazine!)

** Fail to plan and you'll plan to fail! 

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