Thursday, September 19, 2013

By Time, Not By Mileage

Style/Workout: 40 minute run
Setting/Route: Out my front door route, including big hill
Progress: (running mileage):  3.8 today/
23.19 this month/ 354.54 year-to-date
Yesterday I wasn't feeling well. Sore throat, just not quite feeling as up to speed as usual. But this morning I was feeling mostly fine so I went ahead and got a run in. I didn't want to run. Everything in me wanted to snuggle back into my bed after dropping the kids off at school and sleep all day long (ok maybe I wasn't feeling "fine"). But I decided to run by time not speed which kind of takes the pressure off mentally. I kept it really relaxed and checked it off! 
I was by no means "fast" per say, but I was glad I finished the run. I almost regret it though because it didn't take long to realize that I am, indeed fighting off some sort of bug. Whatever energy I had before my run was completely sucked out of me by the run. I managed to do some laundry, shower and blow dry my hair before I took a nice nap. Then I popped some ibuprofen, guzzled a bottle of water and picked the kids up from school. By the time that was over, I was just glad to be home, and have my kids miraculously behaving themselves. My wonderful hubby took over as soon as he got home and now I'm just resting. No run tomorrow, but hopefully the next day. 

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