Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Back to it!

Style/Workout: 5K with hill
Setting/Route: Out my front door route
Progress: (running mileage):  3.1 today/
19.39 this month/ 350.74 year-to-date

Today's run was the one out my front door that starts with a flat stretch followed by a gynormous hill. I like this run because it allows me to gauge if I am getting stronger/faster. My times on this route have included: 8/27: 34:33, 9/6: 33:55,  & today's run 9/16: 31.40. So YES, I am getting faster! It is good to see some progress. 

I'm not going too nuts this week because I've developed a sore throat and while I a believing it is nothing, I know I need some rest. The kids/life has been stressing/wearing me out lately! 

Lastly, I will register for Silver Strand Half Marathon happening November 17th 2013 before the end of September! That is my goal! That being said, my second goal is to formulate some sort of training plan on my calendar. I am coming up on the 8 week away mark!

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