Friday, September 27, 2013

Busy, but not too busy to run!

Style/Workout: 3.75 miles
Setting/Route: Nearby, hill, heat
Progress: (running mileage):  3.75 today/
30.05 this month/ 361.4 year-to-date

Today was one of "those" days, in a good way.  I got through the normal hullabaloo of whisking kids off to school, came back and picked up, including making beds, scrubbing dog pee out of the carpet, tons of dishes, kitty litter box, walking the dog, going a load of laundry...and exhale. 

By that point the sun was out and I was dressed and ready in workout gear. Hubby and I have a biking date for this afternoon pending his intention to get off work early. For whatever reason- may have been my second cup of coffee, some motivating stories from friends on Facebook or the marines in the field close-by playing flag football, I decided to go ahead and throw my hat on and lace up my running shoes for a run anyway. I just felt like being active! The sun was shining with not a cloud in the sky so it was by no means cool during this run. So it was also a good measure for how well I am adjusting to the heat. 

I averaged a 9:57 per mile along the 3.75 mile route. I am pretty pleased with myself! Not only was this run a tad longer than my other ones in the heat, I did run harder and felt much better. This run was marked with a giant smiley face. 

So I goofed about the training plan that I mentioned in my last post...that one is a marathon training plan. So I will be searching today until I find the appropriate half marathon training plan! 

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