Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Five and I'm Alive!

It only took me 3 weeks to post this run!! As a disclaimer, since this run, I have been doing more biking with my husband and I'm playing on a fast-paced ladies' flag football team. I won't bore you will fill-ins on the rest, just suffice it to say I haven't been totally sitting on my butt. 

Style/Workout: 5 miles/46:52/9:22
Setting/Route: Lake Miramar
Progress: (running mileage):  5 today/ 35.05 this month/ 366.4 year-to-date

Like I said, it has been 3 weeks since I completed this run, so I really can't remember much! I do remember being totally stoked to bang out a 9:22 pace and as usual I thoroughly enjoyed the setting. 

I will say, ever since we moved I have felt like my "normal" life has been rocked to the core. Everything is so off kilter lately and usually I can grab onto a routine and stick with it for weeks. Lately it seems things are so different from week to week that I have not been able to accomplish that. 

Biking: I am really enjoying biking! First, my husband and I go together so it is something we really enjoy together. Do I love the exercise of biking? Sometimes. Others I hate it. I would much rather run hills than bike them and biking makes my sit bones quite sore. But biking takes you further and is so exhilarating. Every time we get out and bike, I feel lighter and faster. My husband has been my inspiration-he bikes 30 miles a day to and from work! The other part about biking that I love is that we find fun, beautiful destinations, of which there are limitless options in San Diego. 

Flag Football: I am having so much fun! I will say, I have not sprinted in a long time and it is NOT the same as running long distance. It is far from it! I learned very quickly that a good warm-up is crucial when sprinting. I have come dangerously close to pulling both of my quads in practice. With longer distance running a warm-up is good, but when you don't have time you can run your first mile slowly and consider that your work-out. 

That's all I have today kids, sorry my blog is so lame lately! Life has been beyond nuts!

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