Thursday, October 31, 2013

The One Thing You Should NEVER Do Before a Run...

Style/Workout: Get Out and Go Run (No Time or Distance Goal)
Setting/Route: Out my front door
Progress: (running mileage):  4.6 today/ 42.85 this month/ 374.2 year-to-date

A last stitch effort to add mileage to the month...a way to enjoy the sunsine...making sure not too many days pass between runs...all are perfectly good reasons to go for a run!

But today I learned two tough lessons. 

#1: The one thing you should never do before a run is...drink milk. Ick. I never drink milk before a run and I totally know better! But for Halloween morning I had made pancakes and after eating one milk was the natural choice. I was not thinking! It was churning in my stomach the entire run...which is NOT a pleasant feeling.  

#2: Be sure to map out a desired new route. Today I took a wrong turn and ended up on a wonky path. All is not lost here, because as the say, not all who wander are lost. So I supposed it can be applied to runners by saying, not all who randomly run are lost. Sometimes this method is super relaxing. You run to just run, to get out, to just go. But today I had my sights set on a particular route and went way off path which was kind of frustrating. Oh well, I got over it and did an out-and-back instead. 

So how did this run feel? Well besides the icky stomach, my body feels pretty good today. I have had a lingering soreness and don't seem to be recovering as quickly as I am used to but I think it could be due to the variety of physical activity I have been doing lately. Whatever it is, the best medicine is usually to keep working it out until your body "catches up". 

Oh yeah, almost forgot...HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

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