Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Trickle Down Factor

Just a quick note.

I love how running sets me up for good health choices the rest of my day. When I focus myself on a run I have for the day, I am better about what I eat for fuel and how I hydrate. I choose more fruits and veggies and drink a ton of water. 

Funny thing is, the days that I run are usually also the days I remember my vitamins, maybe squeeze in a walk in the evenings, wear additional sunblock, etc. I go the extra mile with my skincare regimen and I brush AND floss twice those days. I may even shave my legs and paint my toenails when on other days I am not a motivated to do so. It's funny!

I think there is something to this. When you purpose yourself to do something healthy, it puts you in a healthy frame of mind that applies to lots of areas of your life. When you complete a workout, it gives you confidence and endorphins make you feel really good about it, and about yourself. So maybe you are more likely to choose the strawberries rather than the strawberry milkshake, or the salad instead of the burger. It just makes you feel so much better. It makes you want to make the effort to take good care of the rest of you too, not just the "running" part.

Just something I have noticed a lot!

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