Thursday, May 10, 2012

"Life's about the journey..." Six-Miler

I love the saying, "Life is about the journey, not the destination" (~author unknown) I believe both are true. When we plan a vacation, half the fun for me is in the planning. When I run a half marathon, the training leading up to it is have the fun/battle for me. I gain so much in the way of mental and physical achievements before I even reach my goal race!

Tuesday I mentioned that I broke my earbuds...again. Today the sun was out, I had no class and I planned on a six-miler in Seaside, one of my favorite classic routes. I could have strapped on my iPhone and used my Nike+ app, but heading out the door I realized my phone battery was low and thought, What the he? and left it behind. Unhooked and unplugged I chugged along in the sunshine. It was a lovely journey ;)

One tidbit was that there is a hill at mid-point that has always been a significant challenge for me. Today I ran it like a boss!!! I'm usually huffing and on the verge of puking by the top but since I have been running a ton of hills in Astoria, I took it really smoothly! What a great feeling!!

Oh yeah...stats maybe?

Run/Workout: 6 miles(as far as I know...), Big Hill 
Location: Prom and Sunset Cove, Seaside, Or
Run Time (if applicable): Dunno! Isn't that great?!? :-D
Run Start: 9:20 am
Temperature: 62 degrees
Weather: sunny and clear

Have a great day!! I'm going to sit outside and enjoy the nice weather. 

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