Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Head For the Hills!

Any day is a good day for hills, right? I haven't done a "hill workout" since the Half and while my runs have included a hill, it's not the same. So today I headed out for some hills!

Run/Workout: 4 miles
Location:Irving St, hills
Run Time (if applicable): I have no idea.
Run Start: 9:00 am
Temperature:  60 degrees
Weather:cloudy but pleasant

Today's run was great! I went out confident but again put on the breaks when my legs wanted to sprint out of the blocks, which helped a lot! The hills were tough, especially the last one up 16th street, but they were good. I don't really have much new to say about the same run I have written about lots of times. The hills are hard, but I handle them better and better as I keep working. 

My app paused when I got a phone call so my stats were all weird. I did not know a phone call would pause the app. Apparently Nike+GPS must not think that the layperson can't run and talk on the phone at the same time-LOL. 

*Update: This ^^^^^ can be changed with a simple click in your settings. You learn something new every day!

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