Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Four Miles-Hills, Sunshine, Stress-Relief

The sun has been shining on the good ol' north coast of Oregon! Today was the warmest run I have had in a long time and it felt great! My only regret is that I didn't wear my hat. I don't enjoy having the sun beat down on my forehead and squinting the whole way.

My first mile was easy and felt fast but was really around 10:00 mile. I had several hills along the route and I felt that I took them about the same as I usually do, with a few that felt a tad easier so I guess that's progress!

I broke yet another pair of earbuds somehow however...I'm pretty sure I have gone through at least 5 pairs just this year! I don't know what it is with me and earbuds...

I'm having trouble uploading from my iPhone, a common problem lately I must confess...:( So here are my basic stats from today:

Run/Workout: 4 miles, Hills 
Location: Irving St. Astoria
Run Time (if applicable): 37:09, 9:17 average splits
Run Start: 11:00 am
Temperature: 62 degrees
Weather: sunny and clear

I was just so happy about the sun. I am fully aware of how much I complain (maybe not on this blog but I do) about the lack of sun here. Today and as it appears the rest of the week, I will probably be eating my words. I'm all for it!

It is really, REALLY easy to get a sunburn in Oregon when the sun finally comes out. Everyone soaks up way too much because it is such a treat!  And we're all really white, even the ones who go to tanning beds (true story...and I'm way against them for the record). However, I am not discounted and I have to really be careful. We don't live in Mobile where I had a year-round tan anymore. And I hate sunburns. Instead when I have to start showing skin, whether in workout gear or not, I usually slap on some sunless tanning cream, wear lots of sunblock and call it good. I have got it down to a science.
Today's run was so beneficial. It wasn't about the training of the run, it was about the release. We're covering some really challenging material regarding the urinary system in Anatomy and Physiology (interesting to apply to running with regard to hydration and replacing electrolytes by the way) and my brain was fried by about 11am. Besides that, I am waiting to finish this application process and see if I am getting into the nursing program.

A run was just the ticket. I finished revived, showered and was ready to study some more. Big test tomorrow! Six-mile run afterward(I'm sure I will be blowing off test steam!)

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