Friday, May 4, 2012

Another Four Miles

Run/Workout: 4 miles
Location: My garage, treadmill
Run Time (if applicable): 35:58, 8:59 average splits
Run Start: 8:30 am
Temperature: 56 degrees
Weather: N/A


This morning we all woke up exhausted. DH had to head North to pick up our travel trailer and I decided to play hookie this morning and run instead.  I have a class at 11am so technically I didn't play hookie, I just didn't take my Kindergartner to school until around 11am (so he played hookie). That being said, I don't condone this decision and wouldn't make it a habit. It worked out best for everyone today though. DS was also very tired. Our morning routine is crazy stressful, and it was nice to ignore it this morning.

So the was good, not great. The first mile was awesome and I thought it was just going to be the best run ever. Then around mile 2.5 it got hard! The last miles were tough. I think the treadmill is a huge mental challenge for me. A 4-miler on the road or trail would not feel nearly as tough as my treadmill 4-milers. It's probably in my head, or it could very well be the physiology behind running on the treadmill.

I wore compression socks and rolled out my muscles, showered and headed out! It was the weirdest day being totally out of my routine, but I think these days are needed sometimes. Tomorrow is long run day!

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