Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Overcoming With Ten

Style/Workout: Long Run Turned Longer
Setting/Route:  All over the place...gotta cover 10 miles somehow!
Mileage:  10 miles  
Progress: (running mileage):  10 today/ 39.37 this month/ 312.34 year-to-date
(For May I'm aiming for...75 miles)

Today's run was...awesome. It didn't start out awesome, but it ended awesome and that is what counts. 

On a personal note, my husband drove away today, moving to San Diego. He is being transferred and since I am only halfway through the nursing program here, our kids and I are staying so I can finish (that is the plan thus far). It was a very sad day. We knew it was coming, but now that it is here, a piece of my heart is missing. 

Also, this was day 7-8 of gloomy, overcast/rainy weather here. I'm so sick to my stomach of it. Why would anyone want to live their whole lives here, I wonder? I guess we all forget about the drawn-out, dreary weather when the sun comes back. It is a beautiful, enjoyable place to live when it is sunny and warm (too bad that is not more often!). 

So back to the run...

The first 2 miles only felt ok. My goal was to stay relaxed. That seems to work very well for me. Around mile 3 I still wasn't feeling all that great but I pressed on. Mile 4 I hit my "halfway point" and decided I was feeling better than I thought. It was at this point I decided to go for 10 instead of 8. I only have a week and a half until the Helvetia Half Marathon and I have been having mini-anxiety attacks in my head about my lack of training. Once the marathon was over, I took a good break and did a little here and there. Once May hit, I made up a great training plan but I have not really stuck with it (do I ever?). Anyway, long story short, I decided then and there that if I simply pushed for 2 miles longer I could get my longest long run in and taper from there. Good plan. 

It all panned out well! I had my water bottle with me and I took a few walking breathers and kept working hard. I finished in 1:36:00/9:36 pace. Not bad! The only dangerous thing about pushing from 8-10 miles is that I didn't have any electrolyte supplements or any other fuel with me which is not a great idea. I listened to my body though and it worked out ok. 

For my post-race breakfast/treat, I made a lovely strawberry-banana pancake! Damn the weather, I'm going to try to be happy today :)

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