Sunday, May 19, 2013

Here's to Healthy Efforts!

My last post was a week and a half ago-evidence that I have not been running much lately. However, I have been making efforts toward good health!

1) I have been making smoothies galore and I believe it has really helped me pack veggies and fruits into my day (and they are yummy!)

2) I am staying strong at 138.2 lbs regardless of how much I have {not} been running.

3) I am signed up for the Helvetia Half Marathon in 3(!) weeks. Its crazy how that has snuck up on me! I'm looking forward to the run though. I am not necessarily going for a PR this time. I have heard this is a "rolling hills" race so I'm actually just looking forward to the beautiful scenery and hopefully having some fun!

4) I have been drinking tons of water! I am at the point where if I don't drink a ton of water, I can notice big time.

5) I have been cooking a lot of food from scratch. Somehow I have been able to provide a variety of foods here at home, even with my crazy schedule. What I did was I made out a great meal plan and I've been spending a few minutes each day to glance at it and hit the store for a few ingredients if need be. A little bit of planning goes a long way with healthy eating!

6) I have been catching up on rest this weekend. My life has been such a crazy mess of exhaustion lately. The last weekend I was simply home was at least 6 weeks ago. Weekends have been filled with marathon/half marathons, track meets, baseball games, and worship team efforts. It is all good things that I enjoy but it kind of stinks when you get back to Monday and don't feel like you have slept in for weeks. I slept in both Saturday and Sunday (unprecedented) and I took 2 naps yesterday!

7) Not that this applies to me, but I have implemented a new program to really cut back my kids' "screen time" aka the time they spend in front of the TV, video games (including iPhone aps), computer, etc. They get one hour per day and they check out the controllers. Otherwise the controllers are in a hidden place only Mommy knows about. So even though this particular point doesn't involve me, it involves parenting efforts toward family health. That makes me feel good.

8) I got a facial last week. BOOM

9) I booked my next facial for a month away. DOUBLE BOOM #lovemyfacials

Here's to a healthy week!!!

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