Wednesday, April 4, 2012

You Can't Win Them All!

Run/Workout: 3.14 miles
Location: Astoria Riverwalk and 16th St.
Run Time (if applicable): 34:16, 10.53 splits
Run Start: 8:30 am
Temperature: 46 degrees
Weather: rainy


My day pretty much started out crappy. Well not immediately. At first, things were great. I woke up to a cup of coffee my sweet husband had brewed me and I woke up in peace and quiet. But the kids' morning routine flopped when my middle son just wouldn't get out of bed, then when he did he was in a horrible mood. He argued with everything I did and I ended up going upstairs about ten times in order to help him get ready. He missed the bus and I took him to school. Thanks to this my younger son was late for school in Astoria. As soon as I kissed him good-bye I could breathe again and was really looking forward to my run and the stress-relief it would provide. 

Then I got to school the locker room was under construction! This is great obviously because the school really needs new facilities...but I didn't know so I found myself faced with either not running this morning or being sweaty all day :( I chose the latter and just went for it. Everything feels pretty fine until...

I get to about mile 1 and my left calf is just throbbing in pain. Actually it is a throbbing alternating with a sharp, shooting pain. (I have shin splints on that side that I have been religiously rolling and icing to try to aleve and hopefully get to heal.) I tried my best to just "work it out" which usually works but it just kept getting worse (much like my 9-turned-5-miler last Friday). Instead of pushing it, around 1.25 I turned around and headed back early to my starting point. I walked some and stretched some. The hill was a joke today and I walked a lot of it. IPart of the part of the problem was that I had bonked around mile 2.5 for some reason and just ran out of gas. I was weak and super hungry. I chalked it up to "you just can't win them all". It was just an "off-day".

As soon as I got back, I towelled off and changed clothes, used deodorant and was able to wash my face with soap and put my makeup on. I kept my hair in the two french braids from my workout and no one noticed any difference. As soon as I could, I took 2 Ibuprofen and got some ice from the cafe. My leg was really throbbing. I was quite the baby about it too. It went away about 15 minutes later.

The good news is that when I checked my training schedule, today was only supposed to be a 3-miler. Somewhere in my thick skull I had anticipated a 5-miler. It is probably all of the pressure I have been puting on myself lately to increase mileage to keep with my 1000 miles goal. So while my run wasn't great, I still get to add 3 miles to the tally

Well friends, you can't win them all, and I think that's ok. You're not supposed to win them all. The good news is that I feel really great now so that means I survived fairly unscathed to run another day. Tomorrow I have Yoga (bliss!) and I plan on doing a short 2-miler prior to class to add a tad of mileage. 

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