Thursday, April 19, 2012

Five Spontaneous Miles

Today was a cool day! I don't have class on Thursdays and it was my husband's first day of leave for this long weekend. We have plans to take our travel trailer up to Washington for some camping over my birthday weekend. So today after dropping our kids off at school, the hubs and I went around running a few errands and he took me to breakfast. It was perfect, even though it started raining. At about 11 o'clock, we headed over to the Airstation so my hubby could put in no-fly dates for my Rock n Roll Half Marathon weekend in May. I sat in the car for about 5 minutes before I realized it could take longer time than I felt like waiting. So I sent him a quick text and headed out for a run.

I love my Nike+GPS app. It means that even if I am in an area where I have no idea about the mileage, I can program a mileage,  push "start workout" and just head for a sort of out-and-back run. It was great!!

The run felt pretty good. I went out at first feeling light as a feather, just letting my legs carry me wherever. It was so exciting because I was in an area I don't usually run. I felt like a "real runner". An idea birthed...what if you could cover every street in your town, run-by-run? Hmmmm...
Around mile 1.5 I started to feel less like light-as-a-feather and a bit more like stiff-as-a-board. But I just kept going, sticking with about an 8:45 pace. Not too slow, not too fast.
The run was great! Afterward, I found my husband finishing up working the trailer onto the hitch, just about ready to go. So we headed out.
I am surprised today at how quickly I got sore after my run. My butt and groin/inner thighs are really tight and sore already. I'll have to roll out my muscles and I will take tomorrow off to rest. I wonder why this happened because I have been running for a while now. Maybe I was dehydrated a bit!

Now I'm vegging in my favorite sweats and comfy sweats as it rains outside. Pizza is in the oven and rest is on the horizon. It's been a good day :)

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