Wednesday, April 11, 2012

4 Mile Tempo Run

This morning I woke up indecisive. Do I run on the Riverwalk? Do I drive over and try a new run on the dike in Warrenton? Is it raining? Do I need a hat?  Do I run a tempo or intervals? Do I even feel like running?...

I have these debates with myself all too often and it drives me nuts! Thankfully,  keeping a pretty good schedule written out on my calendar ends such debates. Today was 4 miles (not up for debate!) and I chose the high school track so I could run on a nice, gentle surface. I chose a tempo run because I just needed to push myself and remember how to run fast. My last week's runs have all felt so slow. And with my runs have just been so-so.  

Today was awesome! Nice and fast 7:35 pace was just what the Dr. ordered. And as an added bonus, my legs felt great! My left shin feels a bit tender when massaged, but overall I can't complain!!

I thought the pace map was too funny not to share:

I went around, then around, then around and around some more!
Check out my 4:31 stretch! That was when I kicked at the very end.

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