Wednesday, April 10, 2013

When All Else Fails, Go Run

Style/Workout: No-Goal Run
Setting/Route: The Prom
Mileage:  3.76 miles
Progress: (running mileage): 3.76 today/9.76 this month/ 204.67 year-to-date
(For April I'm aiming for...80 miles)

The Prom-where I run most
Today I needed to run, bad. Life has just been hard lately. I needed to conquer something when I feel like everything else is so out of my control. So I suited up and headed out into the rain and sideways wind. I didn't care...damn the weather!
Not where I ran today, but representative of the rain involved!
It's just been everything lately...My husband is about to be transferred, leaving our 3 kids and myself here until at least the end of the summer (maybe longer if we can stand it so I can finish my nursing degree in total). I am not handling it well. It sucks! Then the weather has been consistently depressing, we're feeling cramped because the owners of the lot next to us are building and we have next to nil for parking, I have way to much schoolwork than I know what to deal with, and I've gained 3 pounds since I don't really know when. Sometimes you just want to tell life to suck it.

Thankfully I've got running. It is one thing I can feel sort of in control of that cancels everything out, if only for a little while. Today I warmed up then headed out fearless into the weather. It was my way of telling the weather it couldn't keep me trapped inside. My husband and I have both been making a lot of healthy changes to our diets, and are both using MyFitnessPal. It has been great to have a partner this time around.

I'm just ready for this phase of our life to be over. I am ready to be done with school, done with the weather, done with no shopping options, done. I'm ready to move somewhere warm and sunny with a Target for crying out loud. I'm just done. But alas, I don't get to move for a while so I guess I'll be doing lots of running :)

Sunday I get to run the Race For the Roses Half Marathon in Portland. Each day that passes I am getting more excited! I haven't decided what my goals are for this race, but I am going to run a little bit this week and then rest/eat/hydrate Friday and Saturday in preparation. I just think it is going to be a really, REALLY good thing for me right now!

Also...still in marathon training. I haven't made any great feats since my 16-miler, and now it is a little too late for any super-crazy-long runs. But this weekend I will run a hard half marathon, then next week I'll plan on for a good 10-miler along with other workouts and that will be my taper. Then I'll play the race by ear, and mostly just try hard to enjoy every moment of the experience that I can. You only get ONE first marathon!

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