Thursday, April 11, 2013

Finally a Fast Four!

Style/Workout: No-Goal Run, Last run before the half marathon Sunday
Setting/Route: The Prom
Mileage:  4 miles/
Progress: (running mileage): 4 today/13.76 this month/ 208.67 year-to-date
(For April I'm aiming for...80 miles)
Today I finished my 7 miles that I wanted to do before this half marathon on Sunday. This way I got a little mileage in, worked my legs just enough to wake them up after being sick and out of the game, and I still have Friday and Saturday to rest, fuel and hydrate to prepare. It's a bit nerve-wrecking to be out of the game like I was...I hope I can hang on race day! I've decided my goal is to finish stronger than I started. That means starting out with easy, relaxed miles then picking up the pace gradually once I hit the halfway point.

Today was also the fastest I have held for over 3 miles. Marathon training has slowed my pace a bit while running more mileage. Today I held a solid 8:41 per mile which felt awesome! It was pretty hard though, especially the last mile when I had a serious headwind! But the sun was shining and I got a run in so I'm happy :)

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