Saturday, April 13, 2013

Non-Running-Related Goals

A few new non-running goals to improve some areas that have gotten sloppy:

No sugar in my coffee (working great!)
Drink lots and lots of water
No coffee in the afternoon, switch to tea (loving trying different favorites are minty, herbal teas)
Eat a salad every day with either lunch or dinner
Try some juicing to add some fruits and veggies (my husband has been all over this so I have been spoiled)
Portion Control: Use a medium plate and eat slowly
Walk on the treadmill or outdoors for about 45 minutes just 2 evenings a week
I'm using MyFitnessPal again which is helping a lot!

*I'm about 143 lbs again (I feel like such a flip-flopper!), so I'm hoping to lose a few. It makes running feel a lot better. And I thought it was ironic that this time of year last year, I was struggling with some of the same things. Maybe it is the time of year?

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