Saturday, April 13, 2013

Race for the Roses Eve!

Tomorrow is the Race for the Roses Half Marathon (Portland, OR)! I'll be up bright and early around 4:15 am to shove out around 4:30. Race-day packet pick-up starts at 5:45 and lasts until 6:45. The half marathon starts at 7am. I wish the half marathon started at 8am, but oh well.

I am so excited for this race for so many reasons!

1) I'm excited to see where I am fitness-wise.
2) I'm excited to challenge myself outside of school, husband, kids, housework, etc.
3) I'm excited to get out of town, even if just for the day.
4) I'm excited to do something completely unrelated to any other area of my life. I feel like it could be a nice little refresher that I need. (Again...this goes along with the concept that so many other things are falling by the wayside during school that it's nice to have goals to work toward and actually meet/complete!)
5) Race Day is just fun. I don't have anyone else to go with me, but that means I also don't have any other distractions. I just get there, get my packet, get ready to go, run, do whatever I want after the race then head home whenever I'm ready. Races with friends are super fun, but at the same time races solo can be a cool experience too.

That all being said, I'm not feeling the best today. I stayed up too late last night then my kids thought it would be a good idea to wake me up before 6am on a Saturday because they wanted to add a new app on my phone and eat cake for breakfast. To say I was grumpy is a huge understatement. So I'm up. Checking things off my list of things to accomplish today and preparing for the race tomorrow. I just think tomorrow is the start of a great season of running. Sometimes all I need is a fresh race to renew my passion for running.

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