Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Some Evening Yoga

Tonight I needed something. I could have easily collapsed in the recliner and submitted to reruns of Modern Family, but instead I fed the kids and got them headed to showers and turned on my app for a bit of yoga. Here are a few poses I managed to get a picture of:

chaturanga-sculpt those arms!

Halfway Lift

Forward Fold

Exalted Warrior-R

Exalted Warrior-L 

Single Leg Forward Fold (Pyramid)-L

Single Leg Forward Fold (Pyramid)-R

Sugarcane Pose

Sugarcane Pose

Gotta love Downward Facing Dog

Humble Warrior-R

Humble Warrior-L

Boat Pose
I am so pleased with how far my Pigeon and Pigeon-related poses have come. A few years ago I had a real love/hate relationship with this pose because I loved the hamstring stretch but it was so hard and I was always so stiff!! Today I folded into the pose effortlessly and it felt very natural.
Pigeon L

Mermaid-L (both arms engaged!)


Mermaid-R (both arms engaged again!)


Bound Side Angle Warrior-L

Bound Side Angle Warrior R
Have a good night my friends! Wishing you all a restful, peaceful night.

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