Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Mission Beach Boardwalk Run

A few days ago (I can't remember precisely days are so jumbled lately) I packed my running bag and made a concrete goal-I would run after work. This day's work happened to be my job in Pacific Beach so I was planning on a great evening-perhaps sunset run. It was better than I imagined!

My view at the start-then at the end at sunset
I remember now, it was Saturday night. I remember because as I was gearing up to run I became aware of how many people were around-more than I expected. Pacific Beach is a college-y area and gets pretty busy on the weekend evenings.

The run was pretty great. It wasn't an effortless run, but I was so distracted by people and scenery around that it did feel pretty natural-just my mode of transportation.
 I have been to the boardwalk before but I have never measured it. It turned out that from where I started on the bluff to the jetty where the park/picnic area was was a perfect 6-mile out-and-back. So that's what I did. The sun started to set around 4.5 miles.
It made me miss living by the beach in Seaside, OR. Sure Oregon wasn't nearly as warm as SoCal, but I miss the beautiful beach sunsets. I watched them all of the time in OR. This night they were very familiar.

It was cool to be one of the only runners on a social night. I felt alive. Strong. I felt like I was going the extra mile and making the extra sacrifice. There's something to that.

After the run I ate my almond butter/banana sandwich that was left in my lunch and started to trudge through beach traffic on my way home. First I stopped at the PB Fish Shop first for some fish tacos, which I brought to my hubby at work. Not exactly a date night, but one of sorts. It was a great end to the day ;)

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