Friday, February 6, 2015

Sick Day

Wed night I was kind of sore. I had ran 4.2 miles and done a ton of backbreaking weeding in the front yard. I figured I was just tired and needed a nap. But even after my nap my muscles were just aching. I took some Aleve and assumed I just needed some rest after all of the activity. Then Thursday came. I trudged through the morning getting everyone off to school and myself off to work, not really thinking about how I felt until I was well into the whirlwind of activity at work. Somewhere around 11am it hit me-I did not feel good. I felt awful in fact. So I took some aspirin then later Tylenol and when I still felt crappy I left work an hour early. After that I pulled out all the leftovers and made sure everyone was settled, took a bath and climbed into bed, still super achy. I was sick.

So today is my day off. It sucks to spend your day off sick but it also sucks to have to call in sick for multiple days. So far I called in sick for tomorrow but we'll see about Sunday.

Bummer is that this means I will be missing the Mermaid Half Marathon on Saturday morning. The shirts and finishers medals are so cute I'm bummed! But my body would kill me if I tried to get out and run 13.1 miles while feeling this bad. So I'm going to let it go. I am going to try to run a virtual half marathon later in the month when I am feeling healthy enough. I don't want to quit on my goal of a half every month this soon!

One thing I can do while sick is yoga.  I took some Aleve and Ibuprofen and did some yoga and started to feel better. I'm not sure why but yoga just makes me feel good.

Yoga is awesome. It challenges me so much. When I first started taking a yoga class a few years ago I remember how great it felt to get into Dancer Pose or Tree Pose. I also remember how hard it was to twist my arms into Eagle Pose and how surprised I was when I could not do everything. But it is a process and the process is pretty cool itself. It's great to see a progression. Best of all it all feels good, exhilarating.

Camel Pose-one of my favorite back-bend exercises
Working on Mermaid Pose. I am still learning how to do these poses. The second picture is a better example since I am in more of a backbend. My back and hips are not very flexible yet and I'm not comfortable enough yet to release my anchor arm off of the ground.

Eagle, R

Eagle, L

Wide-Legged Forward Bend...for some reason my clasped hands always want to go to "imaginary gun"
Baby Grasshopper is a new pose that I saw on someone's Instagram feed and thought I would try it (I do that a lot and usually end up putting the pose on my "Ones to Work On" List). This one is a challenge but I can do it! Next is to work on grabbing toward my heel rather than my toes.
Baby Grasshopper, L

Baby Grasshopper, R

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