Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Run Update

It's been a busy week! Well pretty much all of my weeks are busy so what's new? I have had a blessed week though...here are a few highlights:

Running @ Pacific Beach. I had not one, but two opportunities to enjoy this beach this week! The temperatures are perfect beach weather! The first day was my day off-one I had been looking forward to for a while! I had absolutely nothing on my schedule that day so I packed a running bag and threw on the cutest running clothes I have and met my friend for smoothies, chit chat, walking the beach and browsing surf shops. I must admit I really don't have time for friends, and it was so great to meet up! After she left, I went on a run, did some yoga and laid on the beach. It was heaven!

Warrior III


Running path and view

I walked out onto the pier, a very cool place!

And shhhh...don't tell anyone but those are actually my underwear! It seemed everyone I saw was wearing mismatched tops and bottoms and I really like my sports bra so I just went for it. No one knew! Also I must say I wear LOTS of sunblock!

Just 2 days later I got lucky and was back again! This day I had to work the evening shift, so I packed a bag again and enjoyed a few hours at the beach prior to changing and going to work. I went for a run, did some yoga and laid on the beach again. It was awesome! I kind of missed watching my kiddos play though.

Ever since I got sick and got really into yoga I feel like my motivation for hardcore running has waned. I mentioned a bit of that in my last post. I've been going on 3-6 milers as I can but my last run was 4 days ago...the longest I have gone without running in a while-not counting being sick. But I'll get back out there soon. I still plan on getting my 13.1 in for February!

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