Friday, January 30, 2015

The Evening Run

Yesterday I had a great run. It was after work, something I have only done twice recently. Usually I get home from a long day of being on my feet for 8 hours and all I want to do is eat and collapse. Sometimes I will fit some yoga in before bed just because it feels great. But it takes a lot of oomph to get me out the door for a run on my tired feet! Yesterday was a great example of why I need to do this more often. First, I am not great at getting up early, especially not when I'm in a long stretch of work-days. Sleep is very important and there must be balance in that area. You can't constantly be sacrificing one area for the sake of another, because the former will begin to suffer. Balance :)

So last night on my way home from work I just told myself over and over, "I'm going for a run. I'm GOING for a run. When I get home, I'm going for a run." If I don't do that, it's not concrete. It's an option, instead of the plan. So mentally I erase the maybe, and I say I AM GOING.

The run went well. The first mile was torture. My quads were burning, they felt like cinder blocks. I had programmed my Nike+ app for a Basic Run with a course in my mind instead of my usual distance goal. I just wanted to go. I had 4-miles in mind. The first mile looped back around past my house and I made it a goal to get to a certain light where I would stretch. Stretching released a ton of tension in my legs and the run started to feel lighter.

I was rewarded with a gorgeous pink sky as the sun began to set. Unfortunately I had not factored the sunset into my run very well and with my grey tights and black vest I all but blended into the black asphalt. Not doing that again. I did have bright green sleeves. I also had these cool little LED light clips for your shoes that blink with each step but someone in my house swiped them...grrrrrr. I was just extra diligent at every intersection, assuming the cars would not see me. Anyway, I survived.

After the run I  did some strength moves up and down my super long driveway (various lunges, tip-toes, push-ups, etc.) and ate a much lighter, healthier dinner of an egg, ham and kale scramble with some cheese and a side of fresh strawberries. Later I had a bowl of Quaker Oatmeal Squares with FF milk. But other than that I did not crave anything but water which is 180 degrees from my usual evening cravings.

Well long story short, the evening run is a very good option as it turns out. Getting myself out there is one of the hardest things for me but once I do the rewards are there.

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