Tuesday, January 27, 2015

One week past Carlsbad

I honestly cannot believe it has only been one week (plus a few days) since I ran the Carlsbad Half Marathon. Things are going pretty great! I've been doing some 3-4 milers and upping my yoga game. Mostly I'm happy to have some goals set, some races coming up and miles under my belt. It feels so great to be running again.

My schedule is still a nightmare for my running schedule but somehow I make it work. Today I got out there and did 4 miles, but had taken the 3 days off of running before that. I was about to go nuts! Thankfully yoga is pretty easy to get into before bedtime if the day ended up leaving me without a run.

I'm kind of at a loss as far as what to write about tonight so I will shut this one down for now.

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