Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Since Yoga is my #1 favorite cross-training exercise and since I'm becoming quite addicted...I thought I would start posting a few pictures from time to time and track my progress...so if you're only into reading about running skip this post. It will be quite boring for you!

So what do I want to achieve  by working on my yoga practice? I want to increase flexibility and strength and explore what my body can do.  I am not into the "new age" part of yoga related to manipulating energy or anything like that, but I am into stretching and challenging my muscles. It feels good too!

Leg flexibility...I am definitely uneven but I will keep working on this. I am able to get my R leg stretched much higher and into a more advanced place than my L, but I was happy to see my L leg is in a nice straight line with my spine. With this pose you are feeling your leg in space and without a picture or mirror, you really cannot see how well aligned you are.
Three-Legged Dog, L...and I was cheating a bit with my heel off the floor

Three-Legged Dog, R

Ragdoll...one of my faves-this picture shows how I should lean forward a bit to get my legs in a good verticle line

I will mention my tree pose situation. I have never been able to fully tuck my flat foot up into my groin, and it drove me nuts! I have muscular thighs and calves so I always felt that there was too much in the way. Well then I had Achilles surgery and some calf atrophy later...bam, I can do it. I was right! But I'm going to keep working on both sides and hopefully my R side will find its way there too. As I strengthen my legs I will be able to get my knee up higher, making more of a space for my foot.
Tree, L

Tree, R-getting my foot up as high as I can without pressing into my knee

Half Moon Pose, L

Half Moon Pose, R


Downward Facing Dog

Butterfly pose

Raised Goddess-and I will work on getting my arms in good 90-degree angles

Side Crow, R

Outtakes! When the crow falls...(to be fair my camera delay is only 10 seconds so I have to be fast!)

Side Crow, L
I am also excited about working on spine flexibility, something I have never really focused on before.
Camel Pose
More will come, perhaps weekly if I have time! I love the beauty and grace of yoga and I like pictures because I get to see what my body is doing and how I am progressing.

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