Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Workouts for the week!

Mon: 3.23 miles, a good, hard run! I did more running than walking on this run which was awesome, and I accomplished a 10:50 minute mile pace overall! I finally have found a good loop that I know is about a 5K. I did my 20 minutes of strength moves after my run and did some stretching later that night. I also pulled out my foam roller and Stick!

I had to post because my loop kind of looks like the shape of the state of Oregon, which I thought was pretty cool in a nerdy way!
Tuesday: I was sore and stiff-ish even after my warm up so I took it a bit easier and only went 2 miles. It was probably a good idea since I had all kinds of distractions that morning and it was almost noon before my workout. That also meant it was over 80 degrees! I tolerated it pretty well, but was reminded to always use sunscreen that I already know will not get into my eyes, and I need a good sweat band of some sort. A hat works, but when I am not wearing a hat, a sweat band is a must! Sweat----> eyes = OUCH. I also completed my 20 minutes of strength moves and stretching later that night.

Wednesday: I got all geared up for another run today, then my PT's office called to tell me I missed my appointment! It was a weird week and my PT is out of town Friday, so I had scheduled for earlier in the week. Thankfully she also had an opening at 11:00am so I packed up a lunch and my kiddos and headed into town. After PT we went to the San Diego Zoo so it was a lot of work on my leg today but in a good way. Tonight I will do some really good stretching (my lower half is SORE).

Tomorrow will be 2 miles and then I plan on taking the boys to the pool where I can do some Cross Training too! It feels so amazing to have an organized plan for my fitness. I usually do and with life being so out of what, it's great to have a bit falling back into place!

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