Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday, Monday! Week 2 of Half Marathon Training

...and 5 months, 1 week post-op!

Today I set out to start Week 2 of my Half Marathon training plan. I like how this plan starts out very gradually. It is perfect for a beginner or someone who is coming back from an injury like me!

Last week went really well. I did all of the workouts except for Saturday because I quickly fall out of routine on the weekends. Saturday we went to Aquatica, the waterpark in S. San Diego. It was fun!

So this week starts Week 2. Today was 2 miles/20 minutes strength and stretching. I set out for my 5K loop, with intentions for a walk/jog like usual. Up to 1 mile, I walked and jogged and my heel was bothering me. After that it seemed to be warmed up and didn't hurt anymore but my calf was burning like crazy and I seem to be getting some sciatica on my L side. I have had it before but it usually traveled from buttcheek to the back of my knee and stopped, and wasn't too intense. This time it is much more intense and makes it's way all the way down my calf. *sigh* It was rough but I made it 2.75 miles. I kept thinking...Kobe Bryant...Kobe Bryant...(see news link for explanation). Thus, I have no problem doing a lot of walking in my workouts. It's all about getting it done!

When I finished, I did a cool-down walk, drank some water then set my timer for 20 minutes of S/S which felt really good. I'm glad it is all worked out in a plan because when it is on a schedule, I'm more likely to do it!

I have just resolved to the fact that I will continue to need a lot of stretching on my L side (and my R wouldn't hurt either!). I even think that as long as forever, I will need extra stretching. I'm ok with that, as long as it allows me to stay active. I was thinking today, if I am not active, I die. My body just wants to work! I was also realizing that a few extra pounds are also probably contributing to sciatica like usual. It is usually the key to getting it to go away, since I carry weight on my hips and butt. It makes sense. It's science ;)

Last but not least, I got some new kicks! We visited the Nike Outlet because my oldest son is starting football camp today and I needed a new pair. I never realize how badly I need a new pair until I try the new pair on. Being Nike Frees, there isn't always a dramatic difference in insole padding, but I noticed that the same shoe, same size is more snug with the new shoes. I have really stretched the old ones out...and my left foot is a bit more swollen.

You're Welcome for the close-up of my sweet ankle veins ;)

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