Sunday, June 8, 2014

It Must Be Summer...

...because it's after 10:00 pm and I'm blogging! This wouldn't be a terribly weird thing if my laptop keyboard actually worked, but it doesn't so I am sitting at our PC instead. I guess I think best at night, right before bed. And for once I wanted to write it down!

We've had some great days. Great happenings in our family, great weather, great moments turned into memories. I'm glad and thankful that life is simply-good.

My last run was 2 days ago, at 3.23 miles. I accomplished a 10:50 pace-yeah! I was pretty sore the next day though, focused on my lower leg (surprise, surprise!). The reason was because I ran more than I walked this day which in and of itself is awesome! However, the soreness is always a good sign that perhaps a teeny step back might be helpful. So I am going to stick with the same distance a bit, but maybe not push it with jogging quite so much. I am using my foam roller and Stick lots too.

I'm torn between whether I'm ready to do more and just scared, or lazy and making an excuse. Either way, safe is better than sorry even though I am 5 months post-op. The key is to listen to my body :)

I am beginning this half marathon training plan for beginners. However much I walk I don't care. I will start with 5Ks for a bit, some yoga and stretching and some plyometrics to gain strength. Biking will be a great cross-training exercise as well as swimming laps when I can. I think it is a really great plan and I needed a plan. So here goes!

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