Saturday, June 7, 2014

Getting Out There

I am happy to say I am starting to feel like a runner again...a little bit at a time. I am jogging and walking now, I have some runs on my race calendar that I feel like I could reasonably do, and I started a new Facebook page just for local runners that I have a lot in common with. The weather here has been perfect for running and there is no shortage of running routes. I just need to get a bit more consistent! My schedule has been weird and when running becomes less of a routine thing, you don't miss it as much if that makes sense, which creates a lack of urgency in doing it. So I am working on a goal half marathon and I am going to start a training plan at rock bottom as if I never ran before. Training plans work really well for me and give me an organized plan for what to do when. So I'm off to find the right app! It seems that a lot have changed and most charge you so I want to find the right one before I commit (even though $5 isn't a lot-LOL)

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