Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Cross Training Day

Today I needed a break from running, and thankfully my plan gave me one! But instead of doing the Strength/Stretch routine, I did Wednesday's workout and did some cross training. I needed to run a few errands so I did so on bike amounting to 30 minutes. I also did 1 hour of much-needed weeding in our yard after. In the afternoon I took my boys for a swim and spent some time with a kick board doing laps (then playing). I am not a strong swimmer but when I add it as part of my routine, I improve. I did 20 lengths today.

My Achilles is feeling pretty tight with all of this activity. I stretch a lot and use The Stick to release tension. It is not the worst though. Most of all I am thrilled to be feeling so active again...feeling more like myself!

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