Friday, April 4, 2014

Too much walking in Vegas, but great PT after!

Last weekend we went to Vegas! It was a lot of fun, but a lot of walking-too much walking! I ended up walking a lot the first night and making myself super sore so I wore my walking boot the rest of the time.

I also wore a swimsuit while there and took a picture because, well, I haven't been active lately and I figure a where-I'm-at photo might be good

Yay, there I am! I have my lower half conveniently covered ;)
Yesterday was physical therapy. I really felt like I rocked it this time! I mentioned to my therapist that I had measured my calves to compare so she measured too and my left is growing-yay! I am now just an inch difference.

We discussed Las Vegas and activity, etc. I know my PT days are numbered at this point but I'm scared not to get to go because all it takes is one "Vegas" situation and I overdo it. It never feels bad at the time, I always feel it the next day. You know how you are supposed to listen to your body? Well that doesn't apply at this point. You have to calculate and simply cut yourself off of activity at a certain point, and you won't necessarily feel pain so it is frustrating! I want to keep going and going!

The great part about yesterday is that I got to do a solid 30 minutes on the recumbent bike and I was dripping sweat by the time it was over. It felt awesome!
Eating well hasn't been too difficult lately either. I'm just doing what I can to cut out things I don't really need or want (1/2 the mayo, or substitute mustard instead; not buying snack foods or desserts, not doing much baking) and I have been loading up on veggies and keeping a really great salad mix in the fridge. I have to admit all of the added veggies have been making me quite gassy...something I hope will eventually sort itself out! We'll see...

And last but not least, a wonderful thing happened today at PT. I have gotten to know another patient who comes to PT the same time as I do, every week. He is an elderly gentleman who seems to suffer from some arthritis. We have chatted the last few weeks and today I talked with his wife also. The great thing was that as he was telling me how his journey has been long and quite slow, I was able to encourage him. My words were simple, "Well sometimes all you can do is just not give up!" and then he winked and said, "Right back atcha" This exchange really made my day. You see, even though I haven't been performing at the top of my game, there I was, able to encourage and inspire someone. That was a great feeling. 

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