Tuesday, April 15, 2014

And She Walks...

Today I get to start logging workouts again! They are walks, not runs, but in my book they count because they are part of my journey back to running

Yesterday's 1-Miler!

Today's route took me a little longer, 1.4 miles!
Here's the thing...I never thought I would value walking so much. It is where I started however, after my babies were born and I wanted to get some exercise in. Before I was a long-distance runner walking was my go-to. It has become my go-to again, but for a different reason.

My walks feel pretty good. Funny thing is that my body feels them just as much as I was feeling my runs so that is good. It is great to be getting some cardio in again. My lower leg ends up worked at the end but not sore, which is exactly where I need to be. I'm even pulling my foam roller back out for after these walks. The combination of a few extra pounds and new exercise and my hips and ligaments are tight! I was looking back to earlier logs and it is hard to believe that Vegas was the first week of this month! The walking I did there nearly killed my leg but somehow this last week all of the walking I did was a piece of cake! Yes!!

Today is also the 1-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings. It is emotional for anyone who is a runner. I remember when I heard about it. I think I was late to the party actually because at the time we were sitting and watching our eldest son's track meet. Another mom (an IronMother) was talking in a low voice to her husband and searching for text messages from friends. I knew a mom at Boston too (thankful a speedy one who finished a couple of minutes before the blasts). Anyway, I am kind of nosey sometimes so I asked her what was going on and was everything ok. She told me and it took my breath away. I almost didn't believe it. I mean why would someone have a motive to attack a marathon? It was like a bully out to destroy something beautiful just because they were unhappy with themselves. I'm sure the motives are more complicated than that, but that is how I felt. I mean Boston is such an amazing accomplishment...even just to be there is an honor. I was sad for the racers who never got to finish, whose spectator family members were harmed, and for the runners who were harmed as well. It should not have happened. It was so senseless.

In a small sense I really associate with those who suffered that day. Today there are quite a few stories of resilience and rebuilding circulating. That is where I am. I have been broken down and it has taken me a long time but I'm slowly rebuilding. My injury was definitely not as tragic, nor as melicious. I stand with you Boston still, and though my journey is slow, I will be back, and continue to press forward just like you have.

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