Tuesday, April 22, 2014

More Walking and Progress!

Last week was busy! My kids were on spring break and my Mom visited. I hardly had time to sit at all let alone sit and log workouts so I am finally doing it!

But...this last week was a breakthrough week! After physical therapy, I was cleared to start some activity, bits at a time while evaluating how my Achilles is handling it. The weather was awesome, and it went really well!

Monday: 1 Mile never felt so good! Even at 15:55 per mile, it felt like I was speeding to the finish line in first place!

Tuesday: I got back out on the road with a different route for 1.40 miles. I love exploring my neighborhood on foot again. My leg was still feeling great, tolerating 1+ miles really well.

Wednesday: Still seeing how far I can push myself I pumped the mileage a bit with a long loop adding up to 2.35 miles! I thought for sure I would be really feeling it this evening but my leg still felt great! I couldn't believe it. Walking is working!

Thursday: Our family walked all over SeaWorld, me for the first time without my walking boot. I was tired by the end of it (total of about 7 hours, start and stop, and standing) but not overly sore or hurting.

Friday: 2.17 in the California sunshine, and I managed to cut almost a full minute off per mile!

Saturday: San Diego Zoo walking! We walked a lot more this day, since the SDZ is huge and even with in-park transportation you just end up on foot a lot. By the end of this day, I was tired and my leg a little sore.

Sunday: Easter, I took the day off. This evening I found myself up on a ladder nailing up bistro lights on my outdoor patio. I also found myself lifting the ladder some which is more lifting than I have tried in a very long time.

Monday: My leg was sore this day so I took the day off.

Tuesday: I took Tuesday off too and have just been stretching and such.

I will admit I did not do the best this week with massaging my incision and only did the strength exercises a few times. It was a busy week!

Today I am headed to physical therapy and will get to do a good amount of time on the recumbent bike which I'm looking forward to. I have been feeling fat and lame with how well I have been doing and the low-cardio I get but I'm really glad to be walking again. I know it is going to help make a difference!

And...*drumroll* I registered for an event! May 10, I will be walking (jogging some maybe?...probably not) the Girls on the Go 5K here in San Diego. It will be a celebration of Mother's Day weekend as well as my rehab progress. I know I will be able to walk a 5K by then and I'm so thrilled to be able to do that!

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